Effortlessly set up user segmenting and personalised pages with Wagtail CMS.

Brilliant segmenting

Wagxperience lets you setup easy user segments by filling in a bunch of rules, it's magic!

Easy personalisation

Set up personalised pages for each segment with the click of a button. Our live preview lets you see how a page looks as the segmented user.

Great modularity

Need more handles and switches? With just a few lines of code you'll have them ready for action!

"Wagxperience finally introduces experience management to the open-source world."

Pim Vernooij - Lab Digital

Set up a segment for users

Wagxperience lets you target visitors based on a set of simple rules. You describe your visitor, Wagxperience will take care of the nitty gritty.

Personalise pages

Wagxperience lets you copy pages to a personalised version for each segment. Add, remove or change content to make every visitor feel special!